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Diving in Russia, diving in Mexico (diving in cenotes of Yucatan)

Do you dream to conquer the underwater world, learn something new and unknown? Then scuba diving is what you need!
Diving in Russia and diving in Mexico, including diving in cenotes of Yucatan is not just a fascinating journey into the mysterious world hiding in the water, but a real adventure for any modern man. Hobby diving is a great way to make interesting acquaintances, to feel new bright emotions.
Every person in his own way is a kind of sport. Most people think this kind of hobby – the best way to touch the beautiful, to get acquainted with nature, to discover a new world hidden under water. This hobby will help you feel the weightlessness of your body, enjoy the wonderful scenery, hidden from view in everyday life. A person engaged in diving, gaining confidence in themselves and their abilities, becomes free.
You can be absolutely sure that every subsequent dive into the water will bring a sea of unforgettable sensations for many years.

Is there diving in Russia? Is there diving in Mexico? Are there dive cenotes of the Yucatan?

This question is asked by many people, and only some of them know that diving in Russia is there!
For the first time there was our dive center in Mexico in 2013, today you can use our services in Moscow, Gelendzhik, Cancun and Playa del Carmen. We invite everyone who wants to get amazing bright emotions, dive with us into the most interesting places in the world, try diving in Mexico (Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel island), experience scuba diving in the Cenotes of Yucatan.

What are the advantages of our club?

It is no secret that in Moscow, in Mexico there are many clubs training scuba diving. Why many fans of active leisure choose us?
1. Specialists of our club provide training in scuba diving at the highest level. Each member of the club will learn how to dive in a group or independently in any corner of the world.
2. Dive club Flor del Mar regularly arranges exciting trips to the most beautiful places in the world.
3. In the club you can buy necessary equipment from well-known manufacturers.
4. In the cold, we conduct training in Mexico and Moscow, and in the summer – in Gelendzhik.
5. We have an individual approach to each client.
6. Sociable and friendly team.

Additional club services

1. We offer diving courses for beginners, children, Amateurs and professionals.
2. For regular customers of the club, regularly hold promotions and offer interesting offers which are very difficult to refuse.
3. Each member of the club can choose any offer of diving, diving training, trip and pay their cost directly on our website.
We are always glad to new and regular customers. We are regularly retrained and are doing everything possible to activity and underwater adventure become more interesting and unforgettable.
PS. Do not put off your dream for the future, join our team today!


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