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Diving club Flor del Mar. Our advantage.

  • quality education in the field of scuba diving
  • safety during dives
Mission - open 71% of the globe to everyone.
Motto – Underwater adventure is available to everyone.

Why us?

Diving club founded in 2012 in Mexico and for more than 5 years offers diving services around the world.
As part of the diving club three scuba diving centers located in Mexico and Russia:
The main and favorite places of diving: the Pacific ocean, the Atlantic ocean, the Indian ocean, the Black sea, the Red sea, the Caribbean sea, the Sea of Cortez.

Our advantage

In the staff of our club only professional teachers and guides who have a valid, active status.
We are:
  • we use our own boats and boats when moving to dive sites;
  • we use our own transport for the organization of transfers from hotels to resorts;
  • for a safe dive;
  • we teach diving in accordance with international PADI standards, CMAS, IANTD standards;
  • we use an individual approach to each client;
  • we encourage our customers (FDM loyalty program).
Our main advantage is independence. We travel around the world and offer to travel with us to our customers.

Why diving club Flor del Mar?

Thanks to the experience of diving and teaching experience instructors, you will gain the skills of scuba diving necessary for safe diving. Teachers will not only tell you the theory, but also contribute their own experience, share the skills of safe diving during practical classes.
On a trip with the club you will be accompanied by an instructor or Divemaster, with whom you will meet during training.

After assessing our advantages and contacting the centers of the club Flor del Mar you no longer need to surf the Internet in search of places and programs for diving in the upcoming vacation. Everything you need to have fun in a new unpredictable, interesting environment – the oceans.

PS. Choose a diving club or an instructor (teacher) from whom you want to learn diving. Check whether the professional you choose is authorized in the Association, has the right to teach. A lot of instructors are ready to take money from you and at the same time give a minimum package of knowledge and skills. Upon completion of training between you and the depths of the sea barriers will be absent. Your knowledge and skills will allow you to dive into these depths yourself.
We wholeheartedly wish you to experience the feelings that engulfed us on the day you first scuba diving.
You can check the status of your PADI instructor by following the link https://apps.padi.com/scuba-diving/pro-chek/


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