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Scuba diving training is the advanced direction of the dive club. Teaching, we share knowledge and experience that you once bought for yourself, plunging into the water.
In this section you will find information about the courses necessary for Amateur diving descents recognized in the world associations conducted by instructors of the club Flor del Mar in different cities and countries.

Training, diving courses in diving club Flor del Mar.

In the market of underwater services, there are many representatives of active recreation, and each offer courses or adventure programs under the water. Each representative in this direction has its pros and cons.

Why choose us?

  • Over the shoulder of our instructors more than 1,000 certifications.
  • Our professionals have experience in Russia and abroad.
  • we think over individual lessons with each candidate, or use an individual approach.
  • more than 5 years actively work at the market of underwater services.
  • We know how to teach.
We spend training recreational diving by the standards of PADI, technical and cave diving according to the standards of IANTD.
Among the recreational courses you will find:
  • dive trial programs;
  • beginner's lessons;
  • first aid lessons;
  • continued training in scuba diving;
  • training seminars for dive professionals;
  • seminars training rescue on the water (available on the territory of Russia);
  • classes for children aged 8 years;
  • authoring programs that teachers want to convey to our customers;
  • technical and cave courses are different, and are held either on trips or in the dive centers of the club, presented at the resorts. Classes are held in groups of no more than two people per instructor.
Having passed any training course you will receive the international certificate recognized in all countries of the world which will allow you to plunge into the underwater world independently. The exception is the program, after which you can buy a diploma. This diploma can be placed in a frame as a display of their achievements. Most often, diplomas of passing programs in our dive club give you a discount on subsequent courses or dive packages.
Each city or country has a number of rules and restrictions, you can not make a mistake in choosing the location of the dive training when achieving your goal.


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